Saving Campaign Dollars with Good Data Hygiene

2 Apr

Data hygiene will save your large-scale campaigns hundreds if not thousands of dollars per month.

In one of AHG’s current campaigns, we’ve focused on line-typing, an inexpensive data quality process that’s cheap and easy with our marketing client Accurate Append. We use Accurate Append’s data append service and a private FTP service (with monthly volume-based billing) to review the self-submitted data from targeted groups of voters and get back a label for landlines or cell phones. The line type will determine outreach method – for example, one-to-one calls to cell phones, a recorded call to a landline, and a GOTV reminder text to a young voter’s cell.

Data quality is essential not only for compliance but for stretching your campaign budget. At scale, a $0.005-per number charge for line-typing is much cheaper than paying several cents to waste a text message on a landline. (Note that cell phone directories are very expensive, and sending to a dead cell phone may still be the most efficient alternative.)

For continuous small jobs, such as adding donor flags to new email signups, a data append API may be the right solution – however, if you’re regularly cutting data for targets and don’t mind running those into your outreach software, batches by FTP can be a clean option. Drop one, five, or a dozen files into the FTP folder and get them back within minutes with your additional columns and hygiene taggings.

Beyond line typing, other data quality needs may be even more critical – you’ll want changes of address for your voters, for example. Be sure that you’re not paying for hundreds or thousands of returned postcards or larger mail pieces – don’t be afraid to talk to your vendor about their practices!

Be sure to budget data hygiene (and the alternative!) into your per-voter contact calculations. It’s not how many phone calls your team makes, texts you send, or homes you mail to, it’s how many of those reach the right party.

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