California Game Changers: Prop. 19 and DADT

14 Oct

Last year, I ran for an open seat in the U.S. Congress. It was a tough, tough race against four great Democrats; most of us had similar views and my rivals were more well-known and better funded. I am a progressive, and I tried to highlight two important issues where the time has come for change: legalization of marijuana and the end of the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy.

I’m kind of a square. Married for more than a decade, two children and not a toke since college and the turn of the millennium. But it’s time for Americans to stand up for what’s smart, and what’s right. California this year is a game changer on both these issues I care about. Proposition 19 would legalize marijuana in California, beginning to reduce crime in our urban areas and around our borders and ending a bootleg trade that rapes our public lands. And a clear-thinking California judge has ordered the military to stop kicking out soldiers over their sexual orientation.

It’s time. Please vote for Prop. 19 and tell your representatives that’s it time that the legislature finally ends DADT.

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