THE Activist Calendar for Tech and Politics

9 Apr

Guest post by David Weller (aka @poetspirit)

Thanks to Adriel for allowing me this guest post on his own progressive blog; he suggests I share with you all of the latest on my Political Activist Calendar.  I once had the pleasure of interviewing him as a candidate for U.S. House on my All Things Reform.

Political Activist Calendar (‘Calendar’) runs on Google Calendar, which is embedded on our own site.  We supply all of the critical information behind both USA and international political and technology events; it is based in the U.S. Eastern Time Zone and covers most mainstream events.

Our Calendar took about three years to develop, and, although it’s now very rich and comprehensive, it’s still a work in progress.  Because, even though it has most United Nations and world conferences/ observances/ religious holidays; USA holidays/ observances; USA elections/ conventions/ forums/ awards; Internet tech conferences/ expos/ awards, we plan to soon cover most upcoming U.S. political party conventions and national meetings.
In addition, our Calendar supplies a rich set of links to world traveler resources. And, more upcoming American and UN observation holidays are in its sidebar.

Our Calendar’s main attraction is its
convenient, yet comprehensive information for each event. And, as many events are annual, our Calendar includes those of future years (events may require later confirmation of final dates and times.)

Our Calendar is a free service to both event organizers and attendees; it will soon be a feature on  Your use of our banner to and Donate box is very much appreciated.  We encourage you to, please, let us know of future events– you can reach me, David Weller, through my Google Profile.

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