Upcoming shows on Gov 2.0 Radio

8 Mar
A highlight of upcoming Gov 2.0 Radio podcasts, with a quick video as well:
3/14/10 – Donald McIntosh of SpaceTimeResearch.com on data visualization
3/28/10 – Jess Weiss and Brad Blake from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, on social media in government
4/1/10 – ReadMedia on creating social media for local governments
4/11/10 – Gretchen Curtis on Nebula, NASA’s cloud computing initiative
4/18/10 – Ted Nguyen and RailSafeSarah of the OCTA on using social media for engagement
4/25/10 – Christina Gagnier and Lisa Borodkin on the legal implications of social media in government
5/2/10 Sid Burgess and OK State Rep. Jason Murphey
5/9/10 – Joel Whitaker on using social media and emerging technologies for world peace
5/16/10 – Amy Sinclair of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission on that agency’s integrated social media efforts
5/23/10 – Armed with Science
5/30/10 – OhMyGov!
June – Beth Noveck, White House lead for the Open Government Initiative

~ Adriel Hampton is a San Francisco public servant and producer of the Gov 2.0 Radio podcast.

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