Twitter, Time & Tools: TweepleML, TheTwitCleaner, MyTweeple

7 Mar
This is a quick ramble about time, and about some favorite Twitter tools.
First, time. I know that people use different social tools in different ways. However, I’ll always fight for two-way communication when that’s what the tool enables. That’s also because it’s offensive when someone wants to give you all their ideas and thoughts, but doesn’t respond to you on their channel, whether that’s Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, a blog, whatever. That’s me, and I’m sure there are plenty of other opinions out there.
To consider – a Golden Rule for the social Web: Respect others’ time as you would have others respect your time.
Another one about me – I actively seek to engage with and increase my networks, and to balance that with my family and many other concerns, some of them much more important than the network. I also aim to respond to people quickly and directly – I’m not real fond of phone calls, or of e-mails (for first point of contact), but if you tweet me, I’ll usually get back within in a few hours.
Using Twitter tools to manage networks and productive time: three tools I’m very fond of these days are TweepleML, which enables one-click follow for lists of people (please load more of yours, it’s a little tilted toward spammy mutual-follow schemes right now); TheTwitCleaner, which cleans up spammers from the list of folks you’re following; and, MyTweeple, an oldy and goody, which I use for identifying and pruning non-mutual follows.
What are you thinking about time and Twitter tools these days?

~ Adriel Hampton is a San Francisco public servant and producer of the Gov 2.0 Radio podcast.

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