The Open Gov Challenge – Get Involved!

24 Feb
As part of the Obama administration’s Open Government Directive, dozens of federal agencies are scrambling to put together “open government” plans. In an amazing example of how fast Gov 2.0 ideas, tools and ideals are taking hold in the federal space, nearly all of the agencies are using the collaborative tool IdeaScale to allow citizens to submit, comment on and rank ideas for the open gov plans.
Now, there are plenty of things to criticize about this roll-out, but I’m truly excited that it’s happening. I just spend a little time looking through the ideas submitted to three agencies I find particularly important – Education, State, and the Office of Personnel Management. Many of the ideas submitted are far off topic of an open government plan (though highlighting the need for more of these sorts of initiatives in the policymaking arena). Education’s open gov team was doing a great job of working to bring the discussion back on topic – key to successful community collaboration efforts. This is clearly a work in progress, but I urge all open gov advocates to work over the next few weeks to help make this effort a success.
I’d like to highlight here an idea for each of these agencies that’s worthy of consideration and inclusion in their open government plans:
Education: “National program evaluation data should be public-access – basically a plea for raw survey data from contracted studies, a gimme for any serious open government effort. Vote it up!
State: “Promote the Development of Web 2.0 Solutions – social media outreach, collaboration and agile development for new programs, FTW! Vote it up!
OPM: “Employer Profiles 2.0 on – this recommendation includes making USAJOBS a hub of information “where a job seeker can get a solid overview of mission, culture and other benefits of employment.” It’s a good idea. Vote it up!
Agencies are taking comments until March 19, on the Web and also by phone, mail and in person. If you’ve got a great idea for one of the open gov plans, make it known. If it’s good stuff, I’ll be happy to use my networks to share it. Let’s not allow this opportunity go to waste.

More background:
The Open Government Directive (pdf)
OpenGov Tracker (aggregation of most of the .gov/open sites and their stats)
Gov 2.0 Radio discussion of the Open Gov IdeaScale initiative
GovFresh Open Gov Blog Challenge: Share your ideas to get more ideas

~ Adriel Hampton is a San Francisco public servant and producer of Gov 2.0 Radio.

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