Best Twitter Compliment? “I Read Your Page”

26 Dec

If you’ve been on Twitter very long, you’re probably not really reading much of the stream you’ve set up. And if you’re new, you might be struggling to figure out how to keep up with the growing number of updates from your Twitter connections (hint, unless you limit your followings to double digits you simply won’t keep up).
Even when you find time to read into the stream for a while, it’s going to be just a fraction of the 24/7 updates that keep churning by.
But despite the “drinking from a firehouse” metaphor, there is a way to keep up with the best updates. You pull up someone’s individual stream from an app or at
With a person like me, who uses a lot of @ replies to specific individuals in their Twitter updates, that’s going to be messy and not so useful. But for the tip-top tweeters, every few days it’s a must. I regularly pull up the complete list of updates from Mark Drapeau (@cheeky_geeky), and sometimes for Ari Herzog (@ariherzog) and Andrew Krzmarzick (@krazykriz) as well.
How about you? Are there Twitter users whose whole stream you find a must read? Let us know about them – and you – in the comments.

~ Adriel Hampton is a San Francisco public servant and host of the Gov 2.0 Radio podcast.

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