People-Focused Reform: Where’s the Pain Point?

14 Dec
Intriguing conversation tonight on Gov 2.0 Radio with Lewis Shepherd of Microsoft. Shepherd, an experienced leader in intelligence IT projects, argued that the most successful government IT projects – GPS, the Internet – have come in secretive environments. What does that mean for Gov 2.0, open government and “government as a platform?”
“I’d like to kick the crutch of technology out from under the argument,” Shepherd said, arguing that citizen engagement may being left by the wayside as reform evangelists focus on internal bureaucratic reforms. We discussed Carl Malamud’s efforts to simplify the courts, “Citizen 2.0,” and the pain point for citizen-focused reform.
Joining us in the podcast’s live chat, Chris Jones of SourcePOV also provided valuable commentary to a discussion that began on the new Open Government Directive:
Chris: Could argue that Open Gov Directive is an attempt by administration to initiate a culture change … social media (new media, collaborative media, etc) gets people talking across silos, across agencies.  works against trad. bureaucratic barriers .. for the better?
Chris: Not via Facebook .. !! needs to be a conversation, not a “friend feed”
Adriel: yes, a little glasnost for the bureaucracy?
Chris: yes .. but bureaucracies are very good at resisting change, so it needs to be more than OGD .. that’s a starting point .. agencies mgmt needs to be incented & held accountable … Exactly .. pain point = accountability .. changing the expectation
Gov 2.0 Radio is live Sunday’s at 9 p.m. EST (with a few exceptions for international guests), and you can download past episodes at

~ Adriel Hampton is a San Francisco public servant and host of the Gov 2.0 Radio podcast.

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