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1 Nov
November 1 – Brian Drake and Stephen Buckley | Fix It?
We discuss what’s working and what’s not in government with retired career fed Stephen Buckley and collaboration consultant Brian Drake. Drake is planning the Government 2.0 #FAIL workshop, while Buckley, who in the ’90s managed a 1,000 member “Reinventing Government” listserv, is working on an unconference around the forthcoming Open Government Directive.

November 8 – Ari Herzog | Doing it Your Way
With a bit of luck, by the time we go to air, Ari Herzog will be a new councilmember in Newburyport, Mass. We’ll discuss campaigns in the social media era, and what’s its like to be an independent consultant in this new media world.

November 15 – William D. Eggers and John O’Leary | Doing Big Things
Bill Eggers coined the term, “Government 2.0.” We’ll be talking to Eggers and co-author John O’Leary about their new book, “If We Can Put a Man on the Moon: Getting Big Things Done in Government.”

November 22 – David Hale | Health and Innovation
David Hale will join us for a discussion of biomedical informatics, Health 2.0 and evangelizing social media.

November 29 – Dustin Haisler | Creating What Comes Next
We’ll discuss innovation in local government with Dustin Haisler, CIO of City of Manor, Texas. Manor has just launched an innovation incubator, Manor Labs.

December 6 – Ben Berkowitz | Gov 2.0 and Quality of Life
We’ll be joined by Ben Berkowitz, CEO of SeeClickFix, a Web 2.0 company that helps crowdsource reporting and resolution of non-emergency city problems such as potholes and downed trees.

December 13 – Lewis Shepherd | What Comes Next
Lewis Shepherd is CTO of the Microsoft Institute for Advanced Technology in Governments. Listen and call in as we squeeze the future out of Mr. Shepherd’s brain.

December 20 – Craig Thomler | Gov 2.0 Trends in Australia
Craig Thomler, a long-time public servant and e-gov practitioner, joins us for a discussion of emerging trends in Australia and the ups and downs of the e-gov movement.

Also coming soon, we’ll have Walter Neary and Barb Chamberlain talking local Gov 2.0; Lovisa Williams, Pam Broviak and others on government in Second Life; and Chris Dorobek, host of Federal News Radio, on the other side of the mic.

Listen and catch up with the Gov 2.0 Radio podcast at http://gov20radio.com. If you’d like to join us on a future show, e-mail adriel (at) adrielhampton.com

~ Adriel Hampton is a San Francisco public servant and host of Gov 2.0 Radio.

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