Twitter Lists No Substitute for Community

1 Nov

While everybody’s still writing about Twitter Lists, I’ve got another thought that’s simply too long for a tweet.
The A-list talk is about status. That’s cool.
Personally, I like lists as a way to discover new recommendations in communities of interest, and also as a way to quickly tune into those communities. Creating and following locality-based lists also holds much possibilty. Then there is the great value of seeing how other community members see you, as based on how they tag you in their lists. But lists are never going to replace the utlity of the two-way connection on Twitter. Dipping into streams and commenting and going back and forth with replies and DMs forms real relationships that Lists are going to have little to do with. If all you do with Twitter is broadcast, Lists may be a bit more important (but only if they get followed, which most of them so far are not).
I don’t think Lists shake up the core of the human relationships and far-flung community engendered by Twitter.
(And look, here we are tweeting and blogging about Twitter again, after almost getting that out of our systems earlier this year.)

~ Adriel Hampton is a San Francisco public servant and host of Gov 2.0 Radio.

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