Green or Red?

20 Jun

Guest post by Sid Burgess

Green or red?  Cake or death?  Both paradoxical questions seem strange to me and I guess that is the point of at least the latter one.  The former isn’t a question I hear often,  but a choice I am seemingly faced with each day.   My Monty Python stump question is about the politics of choosing a lifestyle that embraces the outdoors, nature, living on less, recycling, and caring for our planet OR choosing one of rigged conservative values and traditions.

The only problem is, I was in many respects, raised to appreciate both worlds.  I was raised conservative  and my parents embraced the idea of living on less.  They firmly believed littering was a horrid practice, a belief I hold to this day.  Why then the dilemma?

Why is it that conservatives don’t believe in conserving?  Sure, I hear that the main objection is to the expensive and largely ineffective government solutions.  But this country is, after all, a Republic.  Can’t a free people choose, through a representative form of government, to work towards cleaner air and water?    Property rights seem a little trivial to me when we are talking about the very air we breathe.  Can you get a warranty deed for that?

Upon doing a very minimal amount of research, I was surprised yet gratified to read that it was the Republican Party fighting for protecting our forests from the heavy deforestation just a couple generations ago.   Granted, there are both good and bad solutions to the environmental issues facing us today.  Many conservatives claim that most of the current efforts put forth by liberals are more bad than good.  But no party can win at a game they are not willing to play.   Conservatives must begin demonstrating their desire to care for this earth by putting their own green-friendly ideas into the hat.  Otherwise their voices will never be heard, other than as nay-sayers that just don’t care.  This needs to be an American resolution.  Our beautiful nation is finite and our resources won’t last forever.  Living requires responsibility and responsibility requires sacrifice.

I leave you with a choice, but a better one than most of us are supposed to see.  Green, red, or blue?  You can pick two.

You can read more of Sid at his personal blog or at his new site for community leaders and activists, Cities of Vision.

2 Responses to “Green or Red?”

  1. rational_american June 29, 2009 at 5:46 am #

    Sid, you just don’t get it, do you?

    Let’s start with Cap and Trade. Why do you liberals insist that we ONLY listen to “scientists” who give us gloom and doom re global warming and climate change? The debate is far from over, so why are you so willing to destroy our economy just in case your dire climate theories are true? Why do you insist on protecting a PEST, the snaildarter in the California Delta, when that policy is destroying the agricultural economy in the Central Valley? The fish you so dearly love is not even a native of California, it is an invasive import.

    You say Conservatives only say “no” and have no positive plan. You are simply not listening. How about our transition to renewable, non-polluting energy sources, like nuclear, solar, and wind, being economically mitigated by utilizing our own vast oil and natural gas reserves?

    It is not a choice to sacrifice our economy so that you can feel good about the snaildarter, or the shut down Bakersfield oil fields. The choice is one that Conservatives are more than willing to suggest and make–a rational march towards energy independence and a cleaner environment WITHOUT sacrificing our economy and standard of living.

  2. Donovan Trimmer July 4, 2009 at 12:15 pm #

    Sid, Face it, Sounds like sour grapes to me. Mark. Mark IS the best for the job. Mr. Woods…is upand coming. If you are on such a tight budget get out of the race before you take food off the table of your family.We all know it is a 3 way race with 3 already elected officials.

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