Lafayette Comes Through Again

25 May

I received an unexpected call today from Dr. Sam Etheredge, a 95-year-old WWII vet who asked that in my Memorial Day remarks at the Crosses of Lafayette I consider reading from a poem he wrote. I will be reading a portion of it during my remarks Monday evening.

Lafayette Comes Through Again

Down at Lafayette Hill, those tell-tale markers flow

to the busy traffic’s edge, we’ve watched them grow

row after row of shining white crosses

intermingled with white stars are sons of David’s losses

It is quite fitting and proper that this memorial be placed here

in this beautiful quiet town named for a man we all hold dear

one who didn’t turn his back when we badly needed a strong hand

to help us fight for our freedom in this far distant land

A patriot whose name we will never forget

from far away France, the Marquis de Lafayette

And now I am sure he looks down in total assent

of how we have handled this entire trying event

We, too, are all saddened by the price these boys had to pay

but when diplomacy had failed there was no other way

So shine on you crosses, and shine on you stars

They paid their last full devotion for a similar noble cause

– Dr. Sam Etheredge

Dr. Etheredge is a veteran of the Navy and Marine Corps and a recipient of the Bronze Star.

Photo ©2009 Jeremy Maurer

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