Uniting Progressives 2.0 on the Social Web

5 May

Progressives who’ve watched the right wing dominate Twitter for the past several months have to wonder, ‘What is the future for progressive though in the social Web?’
I’m happy to report back from a rousing discussion this past week on just that, an agreement among some of the more active social networking progressives to promote a single marker for unifying progressives of all parties throughout the social Web. First Twitter, then the world ;-).
The unifying marker for progressives – very loosely defined (my fav is “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”) – is use of the marker “p2” across social networks. On Twitter, it is used as “#p2” to define a searchable tag that unites a community of interest. It can also be used to build new Twitter IDs to promote the cause, and on other networks to identify as a progressive.
If you are active on Twitter, I suggest using the tag in your profile, and also adding yourself to the WeFollow directory for p2.
Onward and upward, with special thanks to gracious Web activists Tracy Viselli and Jon Pincus for allowing the community to expand on their efforts in bringing progressives together on the Web.

Adriel Hampton

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