24 Apr

California 10th Congressional District candidate Adriel Hampton (D-Dublin) announced today the hiring of a national fundraiser and assembly of a seasoned team of grassroots supporters.

“This campaign is about the war of ideas,” Hampton said. “I’m taking a message of hope and progressive change to voters from Isleton to Livermore, and I’m excited to have a winning team at my side.”

Hampton on Wednesday hired Kenneth S. Christensen, a partner in the Democratic DC-based firm Christensen & Associates Inc. Mr. Christensen’s political experience includes consulting presidential, gubernatorial, U.S. Senatorial, U.S. Congressional and statewide Democratic campaigns in over 40 states. In 2006, Mr. Christensen was named a Mover and Shaker in American Politics by Campaigns & Elections magazine.

Christensen & Associates Inc. provides general consulting and fundraising strategy advice to open-seat and challenger Democratic campaigns. Christensen & Associates Inc. has helped to defeat six incumbent Republican Congressmen, most recently helping Congressman Jerry McNerney win a hotly contested Democratic primary and defeat Republican Congressman Richard Pombo in the general election in 2006.

Also on the Hampton team are Meghan Harvey, a well-known social media practitioner, John Dunbar, a data management specialist and veteran of several winning citywide and district races in San Francisco, and citizen engagement expert Daniel Bevarly of Florida.

“This is a team that revels in taking down Goliaths, whether they be entrenched bureaucratic systems or professional politicians,” Hampton said. “We are progressive, relentless, fearless.”

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