PRESS RELEASE: Finish What You Start

26 Mar

March 26, 2009


California 10th Congressional District candidate Adriel Hampton (D-Dublin) is not mincing words in his criticism of State Sen. Mark DeSaulnier considering leaving the Legislature just months after being elected. If Sen. DeSaulnier were to resign his seat, it would result in a minimum of 112 day period where an additional Republican vote would be need to pass a budget or raise revenue under California’s unique 2/3 requirement.

“When DeSaulnier ran for his office, he signed up for a four year hitch, not a few-month fling,” Hampton said. “His fickle recklessness would strengthen the Republican bargaining position and could cost Californians billions in cuts to health care, education, and public safety.”

Restaurant-owner DeSaulnier was sworn in to the state senate just last December. If he runs for Congress, it would be the third different office he has run for in as many years. If legislative Republicans believe he has a chance of winning, it would incentivize them to stall a budget compromise until after the election, further extending the period of gridlock that would result in Sacramento by his candidacy.

“It is one thing that DeSaulnier lacks the wherewithal to put a vote on budget reform before the people, but it is inexcusable for him to actually make things worse in Sacramento because he wants to skip town just months after taking the job,” Hampton said. “I don’t want my kids’ education put at risk because DeSaulnier is willing to treat public office like a toy.”

Adriel Hampton is a candidate for California’s 10th Congressional district, which is expected to host a special election following Senate confirmation of Rep. Ellen Tauscher as Undersecretary of State for Arms Control and International Security. If elected, Hampton’s selection by the voters would not endanger the ability of California state government to function.


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